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Woodside Montessori Academy provides a nurturing, diverse community that inspires creativity, compassion and a love of learning for children preschool to grade 8 and their families.

Recognized as an American Montessori Society Continuous School Improvement Program

Starting the 2020-21 School Year at Woodside

During these unprecedented times, Woodside Montessori Academy is uniquely poised to successfully start the school year with in person instruction. Our small class size coupled with a beautiful outdoor classroom space allows each level to successfully come together. While we take our guidance from several sources, we know that we must continue to be flexible and make changes to our plan as we move forward and more guidance becomes available.

Check out our Summer Programs!

At Woodside Montessori’s summer program, Experience Summer Project, each day’s plan includes a balance of group projects/games and times when children can make their own choice of activity. Each week’s theme includes a component of learning/inquiry — we think and play!

About Woodside Montessori Academy

Opening its doors in 1985, Woodside Montessori Academy educational philosophy is based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s ideals and teachings, our program reflects a love and respect for each student. It is student-centered, with a commitment to the success and happiness of each of our students.

Our Programs

Our Events

We are looking forward to returning to our vibrant community! We will reschedule these events as we are able. Please check back soon!

Woodside Robot Day

Over the last several years Woodside has acquired several different robots that we use to teach coding to children of all levels. These robots have become a part of our classroom culture and the children enjoy working with them on a daily basis. These robots promote teamwork, linear thinking, and creativity. We would like to welcome you to come for a day and experience some of the robots we work with. We will be showing the Colbie Programming Mouse, WeDo Lego Robotics, the Ozobot, and Kibo.

Parent Insight Nights

Montessori isn’t just for the classroom. You can easily bring its principles into your home—and doing so can be an invaluable bridge to reinforcing what your child learns at school. The teachers will give practical ideas that are easy to implement. Bring your questions!

Storybook Stroll

Read a story page by page as you take a walk through our beautiful playground! Teachers and students will be dressed up as characters for the story! We will have a create and special treat at the end of the stroll!

Open Houses

Woodside offers a unique All Year program that offers the Montessori approach all year; 245 days. Woodside’s All Year Montessori program offers an environment that is uniquely suited to children who need care year-round. The AYM environment is a community with time for exploring the materials, baking, gardening and weaving, creating balance and eliminating extra transitions. The benefits are endless as this group of children become their own year-round, close community for a three-year cycle. Join us to learn more!