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Woodside Montessori Academy offers a limited amount of financial aid to students in the Transitional, Elementary, and Middle School classes. Financial aid is not available for Primary students at this time. Woodside uses the FACTS Management Company to help us decide how to best allocate financial aid to families at your school. FACTS will securely collect all the necessary information, perform an analysis, and communicate results to the school. If you have already been accepted to Woodside Montessori Academy and would like a financial aid application, please click here for more information.



Tuition Payment Plans

Woodside Montessori Academy offers three payment options for families. Plan A enables families to pay in one payment on July 1. Plans B and C allow families to spread payments between two and ten payments. Woodside uses the FACTS Management Company to collect payments from plans B and C. FACTS is a tuition management program that is friendly to both parents and the school. It is an affordable program that helps parents with the budgeting of their payments and is key to a financially sound school.

Similar to Woodside Montessori Academy, FACTS Management Company is working to minimize their environmental impact by moving to a paperless system. Whether you are a new or returning FACTS enrollee details enrolling for the next school year are below.

New FACTS Enrollees

Woodside Montessori Academy is pleased to offer the FACTS e-Cashier by FACTS Management Company. Through FACTS e-Cashier you will be able to arrange for monthly and semi-annual payments. FACTS e-Cashier will allow you to make payment(s) by arranging for automatic bank payments from your checking or savings account (United States bank accounts only). FACTS now offers a credit card option as well.

To begin the FACTS registration process click on the link above and follow the easy  process.

Please complete this process by the date indicated by the office. Once you complete your part of the process, the office will confirm the tuition information and your payments will begin on the date indicated. A verification letter will be sent to you by FACTS Management Company. If you are unable to complete this process online please contact the office for assistance.

Returning FACTS Enrollees

Once the school receives your signed Tuition Agreement, indicating your payment choice for the coming school year, you will be sent a verification letter confirming your payment choice and amounts. If you agree with the verification letter, sign the form and return to school by the given deadline. Your account will then be activated for the coming school year.

You can check on your account by going to and logging in by clicking Manage my FACTS account. My FACTS is a service provided to families and students which enables you to view the current status of your tuition account with FACTS Management Company. Your account is password protected and the data is encrypted as it is transmitted to you.

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